We install Water Softeners, Whole House Water Filtration systems, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification systems


Terms and Conditions:


1.   The customer understands that the ultimate success of any conditioning or filtration program provided by the Water Treatments Des Moines LLC to the customer is dependent on diligent   maintenance and operation of equipment by the customer.

2.   Water Treatments Des Moines LLC shall not bear any liability or responsibility for any failure caused in whole or part by the customer’s lack of diligence or failure to follow the installers/suppliers’ recommendations or the product operation or maintenance manuals. 

3.    Customer is responsible to register the product to get coverage/warranty of the water treatments products. We always leave the warranty document near the product installed.

4.    Water Treatments Des Moines LLC is an installation company that subcontracts installation work and procures branded water treatments products on behalf of the customer or install products provided by customers solely at their request.

5.    Water Treatments Des Moines LLC is not liable/responsible for wear/tear, product defects, product failure due to short term or long-term use or products interference with other systems. Product failure/product defects are the sole responsibility of the product manufacturer and the customer is responsible to work directly with the product manufacturer instead.

6. If there are plumbing issues, leaks, damages, flooding related to negligence by the subcontracting company, customer agrees to pursue the subcontracting company to recover damages claims, repairs from subcontracting company within the first 60 days of install. Customer agrees not to hold Water Treatments Des Moines liable to pay legal claims, lawsuits or liabilities arising due to the above. 

7.   Customer understands that he needs to read the product documentation for effective maintenance, track salt refill or change of filter schedule to ensure smooth operation of the system.

8.   The Customer agrees not to hold the Water Treatments Des Moines LLC liable for any hidden or latent or ongoing damage to existing home plumbing, piping or structural systems which interface with or connect to the installation company or servicer equipment or work.

9.   Customer understands the need to install a water leak detection system/sensor for early detection of water leaks arising at any point of time soon after installation or long term. Water Treatments Des Moines is not liable for any negligence because of leaks that could have been prevented by the customer.

10. Customer understands that he is responsible for all preventative maintenance/cleaning of water treatments systems. Customers agree that change of filters, maintenance, cleaning is not part of the installation.

11.  Customer understands that water quality at his/her home is not the responsibility of the servicer or installation company.

12.  Customer takes full responsibility of ensuring his/her main drain line or garbage disposal is not clogged, preventing water treatment product’s ability to drain water properly. Installation company or servicer both are not liable for any such basement or under-the-sink flooding event.

13.  Customer agree that they have a 60-day labor warranty for water treatments systems installed by Water Treatments Des Moines. Their warranty ends 60 days from the date of install (provided in the invoice).

14.  Customer agrees to directly contact plumbing subcontractor/technician for issues specific to work performed within the first 60 days of install.

15.  Customer understands that the decision to install a Water Treatments system is solely his own. Customer also understands the risk/benefits of water treatment products on his home, appliances, plumbing, pipes, and health. Customer does not hold Water Treatments Des Moines LLC liable/responsible for any home or health related events post install.

16.  Customer understands that Water Treatments Des Moines is not liable or responsible for any existing plumbing, pipe leakage, water heater, HVAC system or irrigation systems, appliances or any other systems installed at the customer's home.

17.  Neither party will be responsible to the other if uncontrollable events that make it impracticable or commercially unreasonable for either party to perform under the terms of this agreement, provided that no force majeure shall apply to the Customer’s obligation to pay for Goods and Services rendered hereunder. No event of default shall be deemed to have occurred if a force majeure prevented either party from fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement.